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leather lotion 150ml


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- Refreshes and protects

- Keeps leather supple and extends durability

- Color deepening effect

- Silky shine

- Water-based formula

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Give your leather shoes the love they deserve with leather lotion from bisgaard. This water-based formula refreshes and protects the leather of your shoes while maintaining its suppleness and prolonging its life. leather lotion is easy to use, and you will quickly notice a significant difference in the quality of your leather. The formula is gentle on both the material and the environment, which makes leather lotion safe to use without any concerns.

Care Products

Care Products


At Bisgaard, sustainable materials have been a natural choice from the very beginning. When we design and create new collections, using nature's best materials is very important to us. Materials such as leather, 100% wool, organic cotton and natural rubber have natural durability and long life and most often become even more beautiful over time.

Nature has an infinite amount to offer, it inspires us every day with colors, structures and fascinating patterns. A deeper thinking lies beneath the design choices made at Bisgaard, we pay homage to the love of nature's art - because our children's feet deserve the best.

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