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- Natural leather and recycled textile

- Chrome-free leather insole

- Soft and comfortable fit

- Flexible and durable outsole

- Handmade in Portugal


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Sporty lightweight sneaker for active children to happily move and play all day. The upper of the shoe is a combination of natural leather and recycled textile, which ensures a good environment for the feet. The inside of the shoe is made of chrome-free leather and recycled textile, which feels silky soft for the feet both with and without socks. With adjustable velcro straps, this shoe is easy to put on and take off for even the youngest children, and the fit can be easily adjusted. With a flexible and non-slip rubber outsole the sneaker provides high comfort throughout the day.


Colour: Gold
Insole: Chrome free leather
Lining: Recycled textile
Outsole material: TPR
Removeable insole: No
Shoe closure: Velcro
Type: Velcro shoe
Upper material: Recycled textile
Water resistant: No
bisgaard pan v platin


At Bisgaard, sustainable materials have been a natural choice from the very beginning. When we design and create new collections, using nature's best materials is very important to us. Materials such as leather, 100% wool, organic cotton and natural rubber have natural durability and long life and most often become even more beautiful over time.

Nature has an infinite amount to offer, it inspires us every day with colors, structures and fascinating patterns. A deeper thinking lies beneath the design choices made at Bisgaard, we pay homage to the love of nature's art - because our children's feet deserve the best.

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About the production

Handcrafted shoes

Every single shoe in our collection is a unique one-of-a-kind based on traditional craftmanship. Bisgaard's journey began in northern Portugal, where the majority of our shoes are produced today, through using the craftsmanship traditions proudly developed through generations. The manufacturers have unique expertise within the industry that also enables us to reduce our environmental footprint.

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Nature's best materials

eco care

Eco care is the story of falling in love with nature's best materials, and highlighting its beauty, quality and durability in sustainable designs created with care for nature.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Bisgaard's ethos. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to ensure a more sustainable everyday life, where we can make a difference by producing responsibly and respectfully, taking good care of people, wildlife, and nature.

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