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bisgaard sailor wool camel


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Wool slippers with elastic, and a soft, slip-free rubber sole which gives an optimal support. The slippers are produced in wool.

bisgaard eco care
- Natural wool surrounding the feet
- Free from chemicals, chrome and metals
- Made from breathable materials

Recommended allowance to grow: 1 cm

Available in size: 22-36



Inside Measurements Click here to see the inside measurement of the shoe

size 22:   14,2 cm

size 23:   14,9 cm

size 24:   15,5 cm

size 25:   16,2 cm

size 26:   16,9 cm

size 27:   17,5 cm

size 28:   18,2 cm

size 29:   18,9 cm

size 30:   19,5 cm

size 31:   20,2 cm

size 32:   20,9 cm

size 33:   21,5 cm

size 34:   22,2 cm

size 35:   22,9 cm

size 36:   23,5 cm

How to measure the length of the foot

The person stands upright with the heel of the foot placed against the wall. Take a book and place it upright in front of the longest part of the foot. Measure the distance between the wall and the book. This distance is the foot’s length (in cm). The shoes inside measurements are also provided in cm. To find the right size for your child, add 1-1.5 cm room for growth. The foot length + 1-1.5 cm is the right inside measurement for your child, for an adult you should add about 0.5 cm for a cosy fit.