Ballerinas from bisgaard are designer shoes that focus on comfort and quality. The flats are made from good quality genuine calf-skin leather.  Bisgaard flats give support to the foot, provide a good fit, and as they are made from natural materials, they are flexible enough to naturally follow the motions of the foot. Every ballerina flat is unique and can be used for both special occasions and every day. Details such as color, materials, closures and sole, are all carefully thought through to make the completed shoe look deliberate and attractive. The many types of ballerinas are all created with comfort, quality, and design in mind. 

Comfortable ballerinas

At bisgaard, quality and comfort is paramount. The solid heel keeps the shoe tight to the foot, so it will not slide around in the shoe. Many of the models are equipped with a buckle or Velcro to provide additional stability.

Natural materials

Bisgaard ballerina flats are exclusively produced from natural quality materials, the shell made of genuine calfskin leather and the outer sole, made of rubber. The natural calfskin leather gives the foot opportunity to breathe, to ensure a healthy environment for the foot, and at the same time, protects against conditions from the outside. Natural leather is cooperative and helps mold the shoe to the shape and movements of the individual foot.

Leather care

Natural materials last longer than synthetic alternatives, but they also need maintenance. Leather does not require much, but with the right care, you can maintain the quality of the ballerina flats for many years.