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eco care

Eco care is the story of falling in love with nature's best materials, and highlighting its beauty, quality and durability in sustainable designs created with care for nature. 

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will you find flourides in our tex membrane?

At bisgaard we use TEX membranes in our shoes and boots, as many other shoe brands, in order to make the shoes waterproof and keep the feet of the children dry on rainy days. Waterproof membranes have been heavily discussed, do the fact that many TEX membranes may contain the problematic fluorine substances also known as PFAS to keep them waterproof.

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Spire is a collection that is lovingly created for the wellbeing of our children's feet and with a strong respect for nature. With a strengthened focus on the use of sustainable, recycled, and biodegradable materials - we pride ourselves on first, being a sustainable company and a footwear company second.

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We put heart, passion and consideration into everything we do - from design to production to distribution. We have long-lasting and close relationships with our suppliers, who all share the same passion for shoes as us.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

We at Bisgaard have adopted 2 UN sustainable development goals in our company ethos to minimize our environmental impact and to strengthen the prospect of a more sustainable future:

- Responsible consumption and production - Gender equality

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