About bisgaard

From the beginning

Bisgaard was founded in Denmark in 2005 by Marianne and Henrik Bisgaard. From our Aarhus harbor studio, we design ready-to-wear shoes applying the unique expression of danish creativity and simple aesthetic. We create children’s and women’s shoes using a careful, passionate blend of understated danish design and the experience of highly skilled, hand-made craftsmanship.

We work with some of the best artisans in the world - we combine our Scandinavian mindset with their skills of shoemaking accumulated though years of tradition. Since the beginning, natural and sustainable materials have been the core of our brand. A conscious decision from day 1, recognizable in everything we do. 

Based on a mothers experience

Most parents of small children know our brand Bisgaard. Fewer probably know the designer, Marianne Bisgaard, who has lent her name to the brand. Earlier in her career, she was behind the Aarhus store ‘Hønsefødder,' named after the popular Danish children’s song ‘chicken feet.’ Not much time passes, and then she is running three stores (along with raising small children herself), Marianne learned a lot about the world of children’s shoes.

Having a direct link to the customers while raising little kids herself, she became well-informed about their needs and determined that fit and comfort were the most important aspects for children’s feet to move and grow correctly.

In 2003 Marianne and Henrik made a deal. He would get the third child he wished for in return for giving up his management position to become his wife's business partner. 

In 2005 their dream came true and the couple founded Bisgaard shoes. They started producing children's shoes with a simple motto -  Good fit, natural materials, and innovative design.

Our belief

From our studio, Marianne designs ready to wear shoes with the belief that when your feet are comfortable, so is your mind, body and soul.  

With more than 15 years of experience in handcrafting sustainable shoes, we have seen significant growth. Today bisgaard shoes are sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. Our ambition is to help shape a better future through the use of sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing.