Bisgaard has a large range of sandals in different colors and designs for both boys and girls, big and small. They are based on classic form and unique detail.

The best quality 

Bisgaard sandals are made from real calf skin leather. It is a supple and breathable, natural material that makes the sandals soft and comfortable. They are made with Velcro or buckle straps that allow for size adjustment, so pay attention to the width so you get the perfect fit. We also have size options for narrow, normal or wide feet. 

An open or closed sandal?

It varies from person to person, whether one prefers an open or closed sandal. It mostly depends on the context in which the sandals are worn. At bisgaard we have a large selection of both open and closed sandals for children of all ages.

- a closed heel cap and closed front - a closed heel cap and open front - an open heel and open front - an open heel and closed front

Room for growth

Room for growth for your child's sandals vary by age. Babies and toddlers (0 to 2 years): it is important not to buy sandals that are too big, as this can inhibit their motor development. You should therefore leave no more than 1 cm of room for growth.

Closed sandals: we recommend 1 to 1.5 cm of room for growth.

Open sandals: we recommend 1 cm of room for growth.