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bisgaard shoes for girls are made only from great natural materials in good quality. The leather gives the child's foot opportunity to breathe and move freely and naturally. This helps the fit for every child foot to become good and unique. bisgaard girl's shoes with lace come in many designs that can be used for anything from picnics to family birthdays. The laces can be fitted the shoes and tightens so they sit the best way possible on the foot.

bisgaard children's shoes are manufactured from natural materials to secure the best fit for a child foot. The shoes are made 100% from breathable calfskin. The natural leather makes the shoe breathable and gives a healthy foot climate for a couple of busy girl feet.

The natural materials are durable and with normal maintenance, the shoes will only very slowly be wear.

bisgaard shoes for girls with laces have a good fit
Shoes for girls from bisgaard are designed with a good fit especially for children. We care for good quality materials that support the good fit. The outsoles are from flexible rubber, which make the sole soft and flexible. Both shoes with thick and thin soles are available. The shoes' leather design makes the fit even more pliable and fits the unique foot form of the child.

Children's shoes with lace for girls are equipped with a solid heel, which gives optimal support and comfort. This helps to ensure that the foot does not slide around in the shoe.

The benefit from shoes with laces
It may be advantageous to choose shoes with laces. bisgaard shoes with laces for girls are made, so the laces do not tighten or squeeze the foot, but helps ensure the unique and flexible fit. The laces can be fastened firmly around the foot, so the shoes fit nicely and comfortably on the foot. It gives the child a better opportunity to move around freely – even with shoes.

Besides the lace, short boots with laces are equipped with a zipper, so they are easy to take off and on. At the same time it is retaining the advantages of the laces, which can be tighten or loosen around the foot and along the leg, as it fits the best.

bisgaard shoes with laces for girls come in many different designs for all kind of girls and occasions. There are shoes and boots for family parties, children's birthday parties, and playground and for inside and outside.

We value the design to be innovative and well completed down to the smallest detail.