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bisgaard slippers for boys are made of soft, natural, high quality materials. The slippers are comfortable for the child to wear because the comfortable fit offers optimal space for the foot. Our slippers are flexible enough to give slightly as the child's foot grows. bisgaard slippers for boys have a great combination of style, comfort and functionality.

Bisgaard slippers for boys have a superior design. These slippers are fashionable, easy to put on and comfortable. At the same time, the shoes are non-slip allowing for safe movement, and they sit securely on the foot, keeping little feet warm without getting moist with sweat.

Breathable slippers for boys
The materials our slippers are made of make them breathable. Therefore even the most active boy does not make these slippers sweaty and smelly. This can be the deciding factor in whether the child wants to wear them or not.

So at the end of the school day there is no reason not to slip into these comfortable slippers. They are perfect for wearing until bedtime.

Slippers with non-slippery soles
Say goodbye to sliding on slippery floors. All bisgaard slippers have non-slip rubber soles. This makes them safe to walk in – even for little ones who do not yet know how to stay safe and who still need to learn to stand on their own feet.

bisgaard slippers also provide perfect support and grip the foot, whilst at the same time having enough give to allow room for the foot's natural movements.

This promotes the child's motor development and motivates the child to explore their wider world by standing and walking instead of crawling around on their knees.

Slippers with room to grow
Small feet grow quickly. Therefore, we recommend allowing growing space in all of our slippers for children. This way the child can benefit from the shoes for a longer time.

To find the ideal slipper size, measure the child's foot length in centimeters. Our sizing chart, applicable to all our slippers, shows the ideal size in centimeters, including the recommended growing space to allow the foot to grow.