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Our SALE is now live!
Our SALE is now live!


Bisgaard slippers are made from 100% natural materials to provide the best possible quality and highest possible comfort for your child.

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    bisgaard basic wool blue

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    Our ‘Basic wool’ slippers are a home shoe designed to keep feet comfy and snug through the chilly season. They are made from 100% natural and tempe...

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The best home shoe

Slippers are important everyday footwear that serve a number of practical uses in daily life. First and foremost, they help keep your feet warm during colder seasons. They also help ensure that your child doesn't accidentally slip and fall when playing indoors. We suggest that your child wear a pair of slippers, both at home and at daycare/kindergarten.

Children can wear slippers all day, which is also why it is so important that they are comfortable and breathable. At bisgaard, our slippers release moisture and sweat so your child doesn't have to walk around in wet, sweaty shoes all day. In our slippers range, we distinguish between leather slippers and wool slippers made from wool felt.

Solid footing

Non-slip soles are important, as slippers are used for movement and play. We recommend soles that are made entirely of rubber or with rubber covering the ball and heel of the sole. This makes them safer to walk in and ensures solid footing on all types of surfaces. Non-slip footwear is also particularly important for toddlers who are still not entirely adept on their feet.

Room for growth

It is important to check regularly whether your child's feet have outgrown their slippers. For our slippers, we recommend a maximum of 1 cm room for growth, so children can wear them for longer while still being able to walk naturally in them. Natural materials often stretch out a little with use.