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  • Guide to slippers

    Guide to slippers

    Slippers are important everyday footwear that serve a number of practical uses in daily life. First and foremost, they help keep your feet warm during colder seasons. They also help ensure that your child doesn't accidentally slip and fall when playing...

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  • Guide to sandals

    Guide to sandals

    Sandals are near-indispensable footwear during summer, but it can be difficult finding a pair that best takes into account your child's individual needs. Sandals come in many different designs which differ a lot in terms of how much support they...

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  • Guide to rain boots

    Guide to rain boots

    Rain boots are a must-have piece of footwear for children. They allow them to be out in any kind of weather without their feet getting cold and wet. It is particularly important with rain boots, to ensure the right fit...

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  • Guide to children's shoes

    Guide to children's shoes

    Buying children's shoes can sometimes feel overwhelming due to all the different factors you need to take into consideration. That's why we have put together a guide to help you make the right choice. To avoid limiting your child's natural foot...

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  • bisgaard’s ultimate classic

    bisgaard’s ultimate classic

    Handcrafted, classic Danish designbisgaard's ultimate classic is the Chelsea boot, which is handcrafted in Portugal. The bestseller stands for classic Danish design and has been a solid part of the bisgaard collection for decades. The boot is particularly popular because...

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  • Guide to pre-school

    Guide to pre-school

    It's spring! It's now time for many children to start pre-school, which is both an exciting and nerve-racking experience. Children use their shoes in many ways - playing in the schoolyard, running and frolicking around, so they need great comfort and support for the long day...

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  • Guide to slippers - Wool

    Guide to slippers - Wool

    In the transition from warmer to colder weather, children's home shoes become extra important to ensure stable temperatures and comfort around small feet. Each of our wool slippers are available in several different colors or prints. Advantages of wool: Wool adapts to the foot lines and...

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  • Guide to boot care

    Guide to boot care

    The tough winter weather can wear out leather boots. Over time leather can lose its shine, but with the right care, you can make leather look and feel new again. It is important to take care of your winter boots...

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  • Meet the designer Marianne Bisgaard

    Meet the designer Marianne Bisgaard

    Get a unique insight into the Nordic and minimalistic inspired bisgaard collections with designer Marianne Bisgaard. Read below and learn about the bisgaard history and how each collection is being designed.A special designerMarianne is not like most designers. She doesn't...

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  • Winterboots for big girls

    Winterboots for big girls

    The new season has announced its arrival and it's time for footwear that will keep the feet warm throughout the winter. The new collection is inspired by the past seasons great features and fits, combined with new designs and materials....

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  • Winter boots for big boys

    Winter boots for big boys

    The winter is coming and calls for warmer footwear. Our new collection is large and offers a wide range of different styles. The collection is made with the biggest passion for shoes, and we have merged our experiences gathered over...

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