Women's rubber boots for all kinds of weather

At bisgaard you will find rubber boots for women that are both fashionable and practical, while also keeping water out on rainy days.

bisgaard women's rubber boots are designed with a low shaft, which makes them quick and easy to wear in all kinds of weather, regardless of whether the rain is pouring down, or whether you're just going for a walk with the dog or a slip in the garden.

Rubber boots are not only reserved for the wet autumn but are also practical on rainy summer days. You can even take your wellies to a festival for a stylish look that is both waterproof, durable and resistant to getting dirty.

Handmade rubber boots in natural materials

Women's rubber boots from bisgaard are carefully handmade from premium quality materials. bisgaard rubber boots are made with the finest natural rubber, which is a 100% waterproof and durable material.

Natural rubber makes the rubber boot soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. The fit has been specially developed to ensure the best comfort, which makes the wellies comfortable to walk in.

Find thermal rubber boots for cold winter days

For the cold winter days, it may be a good idea to look for a pair of warm thermal rubber boots that keep the feet warm and dry.

Thermal boots from bisgaard are lined with natural wool, which is a temperature-regulating and soft material that keeps the feet warm and ensures comfort on extra wet and cold days. At the same time, natural wool has the advantage of letting the feet breathe and ensures the best climate for your feet.

How to care for women’s rubber boots

bisgaard rain boots are made from top-quality natural rubber, which can last a long time if properly cared for. Natural rubber contains natural oils that help make it soft and elastic. When you use natural rubber to produce rain boots, the rubber gradually begins to dry out as the oils evaporate over time.

That is why we recommend regular care and maintenance of your rain boots by treating them with oil. You can e.g. treat your rubber boots with olive oil used in cooking. This will add the moisture and care that the wellies need.