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  • Kids Autumn / Winter 2022

    Kids Autumn / Winter 2022

    Childhood Dreams Bisgaard's Autumn / Winter 2022 collection depicts natural, warm tones of Autumn, and combines dreamy shapes with magical patterns that embrace the unique characteristics of each child. Explore our iconic Chelsea boots, sporty sneakers, warm winter boots and...

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  • Let the sun in

    Let the sun in

    Our spring/summer 2022 collection is an expression of the beauty found in nature. The new collection draws inspiration from Scandinavian sunlight and its warm and tempting color palette, using tones of cream, gold, eucalyptus and tan. This season, we have...

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  • eco care

    eco care

    eco care is the story of falling in love with nature's best materials, and highlighting its beauty, quality and durability in sustainable designs created with care for nature. Sustainability has always been at the heart of Bisgaard's ethos. Every day,...

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  • Blooming spring

    Blooming spring

    Bisgaard's spring/summer 2022 collection was inspired by the heartwarming childhood memories of crisp flowering gardens and the warm reflections of sunlight. Let their imagination run free, and let their little feet explore a flourishing spring in innovative sneakers and beautiful...

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  • Guide to sandals

    Guide to sandals

    Sandals are near-indispensable footwear during summer, but it can be difficult finding a pair that best takes into account your child's individual needs. Sandals come in many different designs which differ a lot in terms of how much support they...

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  • Guide to hypermobile joints

    Guide to hypermobile joints

    What are hypermobile joints? Some children are born with extra soft and flexible joints. This means that their joints have greater mobility than what is typically considered normal in a child. This is referred to as hypermobility. 17% of children...

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  • Warm and sweaty children’s feet

    Warm and sweaty children’s feet

    Warm and sweaty feet are normal for children, especially in the summer months. Children are active every day and therefore materials that surround their feet are important. Bisgaard uses natural materials for children's shoes to ensure the best comfort and...

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  • Autumn of contrasts

    Autumn of contrasts

    bisgaard Women's Project AW 21  The bisgaard Women’s Project presents a vibrant and contrast-filled Autumn collection that mixes graphic and minimal expression. Our AW21 collection is inspired by the graphic lines of Japanese architecture and soft, simple Scandinavian silhouettes. The...

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  • Adventurous Autumn

    Adventurous Autumn

    Our autumn / Winter 2021 collection is out now! Bisgaard’s Autumn / Winter 2021 collection is an expression of the magical play of Fall colors that invites joyful moments and playful outdoor adventures in nature. Our collection is inspired by...

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  • Inherited shoes - good or bad?

    Inherited shoes - good or bad?

    The age old question When looking for children's shoes, many parents are faced with the tempting option of using second-hand shoes. Usually, the natural order is that the younger child inherits shoes after the elder sibling. Although it is economically...

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  • First shoes

    First shoes

    Feet must be taken care of; after all, they need to last a lifetime. That is why you should choose your child's first shoes with care. Homeshoes / Slippers It is a good idea to start by giving your child...

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  • Guide to baby shoes

    Guide to baby shoes

    When looking for a baby shoe it is important to know what to look for. Feet must be taken care of - after all, they need to last a lifetime. That is why you should choose your child's first shoes with care. ...

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  • Guide to children's shoes

    Guide to children's shoes

    Buying children's shoes can sometimes feel overwhelming due to all the different factors you need to take into consideration. That's why we have put together a guide to help you make the right choice. To avoid limiting your child's natural...

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  • Guide to boots

    Guide to boots

    Bisgaard sells a variety of elastic, lace-up and Velcro closure boots that have a good fit and support for the foot. The upper is made from calf skin leather and the lining of most of the boots either consists of calf skin...

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  • Guide to rain boots

    Guide to rain boots

    Rain boots are a must-have piece of footwear for children. They allow them to be out in any kind of weather without their feet getting cold and wet. It is particularly important with rain boots, to ensure the right fit...

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  • Rubber boot care

    Rubber boot care

    Bisgaard rain boots are made from top-quality natural rubber, which can last a long time if properly cared for. Natural rubber contains natural oils that help make it soft and elastic. When you use natural rubber to produce rain boots, the rubber...

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  • Guide to winterboots - with TEX

    Guide to winterboots - with TEX

    First and foremost, our winter boots are made to keep feet warm and dry during winter. We achieve this with the use of materials such as leather, suede, rubber or wool lining combined with the TEX membrane. All the materials used in our boots...

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  • Guide to boot care

    Guide to boot care

    The tough winter weather can wear out leather boots. Over time leather can lose its shine, but with the right care, you can make leather look and feel new again. It is important to take care of your winter boots...

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  • Sandals - open or closed?

    Sandals - open or closed?

    It varies from person to person, whether one prefers an open or closed sandal. It mostly depends on the context in which the sandals are worn. At bisgaard we have a large selection of both open and closed sandals for children of all ages. Our...

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  • Sandals for older girls

    Sandals for older girls

    From toddlers to teens, girls will always love being on trend with a nice pair of sandals to suit them and the occasion. At bisgaard we have many stylish sandals for older girls. Our sandals have a comfortable leather sole and...

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  • Guide to ballerina flats

    Guide to ballerina flats

    Ballerina flats are versatile shoes that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They come in many designs, making them suitable even for festive occasions. For ballerina flats, it is important that they are made from soft and flexible materials that follow the natural movements of...

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  • Guide to slippers

    Guide to slippers

    Slippers are important everyday footwear that serve a number of practical uses in daily life. First and foremost, they help keep your feet warm during colder seasons. They also help ensure that your child doesn't accidentally slip and fall when playing...

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  • Wool slippers

    Wool slippers

    In the transition from warmer to colder weather, children's home shoes become extra important to ensure stable temperatures and comfort around small feet. Each of our wool slippers are available in several different colors or prints. Advantages of wool: Wool adapts to the foot lines and...

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  • Guide to laces and Velcro

    Guide to laces and Velcro

    Shoes with laces or Velcro closures can be adjusted both in terms of width and instep volume. This helps ensure that your child's feet get optimal support, fit and comfort without having to compromise the child's ability to move their feet naturally. Our shoes are...

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  • Leather and suede care

    Leather and suede care

    A pair of shoes can last much longer if you look after them correctly. Here are some suggestions from us at bisgaard on how to take care of your leather and suede goods. Protective permeation New shoes should always be permeated with...

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  • Guide to pre-school

    Guide to pre-school

    It's spring! It's now time for many children to start pre-school, which is both an exciting and nerve-racking experience. Children use their shoes in many ways - playing in the schoolyard, running and frolicking around, so they need great comfort and support for the long day...

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  • The bisgaard friendship bracelet

    The bisgaard friendship bracelet

    What is Project Honduras? Project Honduras is a charity programme that bisgaard is supporting in cooperation with the charity organization Viva. The project's goal is to help children who spend their whole childhood at an orphanage, by giving them the...

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  • Winter boots for older girls

    Winter boots for older girls

    The new season has announced its arrival and it's time for footwear that will keep the feet warm throughout the winter. The new collection is inspired by the past seasons great features and fits, combined with new designs and materials....

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  • Winter boots for older boys

    Winter boots for older boys

    Winter is coming and calls for warmer footwear. Our new collection is large and offers a wide range of different styles. The collection is made with the biggest passion for shoes, and we have merged our experiences gathered over the...

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  • The Chelsea boot - an ultimate classic

    The Chelsea boot - an ultimate classic

    Handcrafted, classic Danish design The ultimate classic is the Chelsea boot. Handcrafted in Portugal, the bisgaard bestseller stands for classic Danish design and has been a solid part of our collection for decades. The boot is particularly popular because it has a timeless design, fits...

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  • 2017 Fall Favorites

    2017 Fall Favorites

    At bisgaard we make it our duty to listen to wishes and feedback from both our retailers and our customers. That's why we're publishing a special edition on the blog. We asked one of our retailers in the Nordic market...

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  • AW17 collection

    AW17 collection

    For Autumn/Winter 2017, bisgaard has merged the experience gathered over the past decade with forward-thinking solutions to apply to footwear that meets the demands of the daily lives of active children. “Our primary objectives are always comfort and function," says...

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  • New material catalog

    New material catalog

    In the design and production, bisgaard focuses on natural quality materials to ensure the best product and the highest comfort for your child. Therefore, we are happy to announce a new material catalog, that gives you full insight into the...

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  • Hello summer '17

    Hello summer '17

    Summer vacation is just around the corner. We at bisgaard would like to take this opportunity to wish you a great summer holiday. On the other side of the summer, bisgaard's autumn / winter collection is awaiting. A/W '17  In the fall...

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  • Co-branding project

    Co-branding project

    We made a co-branding project with the Spanish creative bureau; Specialized in styling and fashion photography Their projects are defined by the passion of two fashion designers that have a strong desire to evolve. They have years of experience...

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  • NEW bisgaardLife magazine

    NEW bisgaardLife magazine

    The 2nd edition of the bisgaardLife magazine is now released! With the magazine we hope to share knowledge and inspire. The 2nd edition holds stories from mothers who gives their perspective on kids' shoes, along with an interview from a...

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    The bisgaard website has gone black, and so does the blog as well. On this special sales day, we have chosen to highlight a range of black styles, with a simple, elegant and timeless expression. Black is sophisticated, stylish, and...

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  • NEW Life magazine

    NEW Life magazine

    Children's shoes are often a concern among parents. The opportunities are many and it can be a jungle to navigate in when looking for the right pair – especially the first walkers. It is always important to take good care...

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  • Madagascar - Part 3

    Madagascar - Part 3

    Madagaskar Adoptive parents pack their suitcase full of shoes from bisgaard to help poor and vulnerable children in Madagascar. Bisgaard donates shoes through a charity project to poor and vulnerable children at orphanages and schools in Madagascar.The Madagascar project is...

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  • Madagascar - Part 2

    Madagascar - Part 2

    Madagaskar- Narrative 2 The day after we arrived in Madagascar, we had a meeting with Antonnela, head of "Centre Mere Enfant". We talked about how shoes from bisgaard, as well as our collected amount of money should be handed in...

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  • Madagascar - Part 1

    Madagascar - Part 1

    Madagascar - Narrative 1 On March 1, 2016 we traveled to Madagascar. We had 5 suitcases and one of them was filled only with shoes from bisgaard. We have previously traveled to Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania and know how much shoes and...

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