Thermal rubber boots for children

Thermal boots are a practical combination of wellies and winter boots in one. They also go by the name thermal rubber boots. At bisgaard you will find warm and waterproof thermal rubber boots for boys and girls in a multitude of colors and patterns. Do you have a child who loves to be outside and jump in puddles? or who often have either cold or wet feet? Then thermal boots are worth considering.


Thermal rubber boots for autumn, winter and spring

It is important to remember that thermal rubber boots are a supplement for the wet winter days, but they do not replace the comfort and function of a winter boot in e.g. leather. Thermal boots, on the other hand, are easy and quick to put on, and they ensure the child's warm and dry feet on the wettest winter days, where in the summer you would have used an ordinary rubber boot.

Thermal boots are ideal for the cool autumn, wet winter days and early spring. The boots are lined with pure and natural wool that keeps the feet warm and dry. Thermal boots from bisgaard can handle very low temperatures, and with a pair of warm woolen socks they can be used down to -15 degrees.


Thermal boots for babies and older children

Babies and toddlers also need thermal boots when the weather is wet and cold. At bisgaard you can find thermal rubber boots for babies and toddlers who have learned to walk. Bisgaard thermal boots for babies and smaller children go from size 20-28 and have a low shaft that ensures the child's freedom of movement. At the same time, it is easy for the child to put the boot on and off.

For older children, you will find a large selection of thermo boots in beautiful colors and patterns for girls and boys. We have thermal rubber boots in green, blue, black, rose, yellow and brown - you'll even find fine dino prints and flower prints.


Thermal boots with natural rubber

Thermal rubber boots from bisgaard are produced in waterproof natural rubber and are lined with pure wool. Pure wool is a temperature-regulating and sweat-absorbing natural material that keeps the feet warm and dry. The removable woolen sole has thermal insulation at the bottom, which provides a very good insulating effect.

Thermo boots with Neoprene

Did you know that we also have smart thermal boots with waterproof neoprene? Neo Thermo is an innovative thermal rubber boot, designed in a wonderful combination of neoprene and natural rubber. The shaft is made of heat-regulating and waterproof neoprene, which keeps the feet warm and dry. Two insoles in wool and cotton are included, so this thermal rubber boot can easily be adapted to both colder and warmer weather.