Bisgaard children's shoes are made of genuine leather with a focus on the highest comfort and quality and are available in many different designs and combinations. Quality should not only be felt but also seen.

Bisgaard has a large and diverse range of shoes for both boys and girls. All our shoes come in well-designed natural material designs that make them breathable, flexible, and adaptable to the shape of the foot.

Shoes with laces

Bisgaard shoes with laces offer more customization options. The laces can be adjusted precisely to fit the shape of the foot.

Our lace-up shoes are designed so that the laces neither tighten nor squeeze the foot but ensure the important and flexible fit.

Shoes with Velcro closure

Shoes with Velcro closure are a good choice for younger children. The Velcro closure makes it easy and quick to put shoes on the child, and over time, the child can learn to put on and take off the shoes themselves. The Velcro closure ensures that the shoes close around the feet, providing solid support.

Shoes with Velcro closure are a good choice as beginner shoes, but also for older boys and girls. The Velcro is durable, as it is of the same good quality as the rest of the shoe.

Natural materials

Our children's shoes are made of genuine leather, making them soft, durable, and comfortable. Leather is a supple natural material that gradually adapts to the shape of the foot.

This allows the foot to develop naturally. It is also important to choose shoes that allow the feet a healthy climate and allow the skin to breathe, which is one of leather's natural properties.

The sole of the shoe should be soft and flexible to follow the foot's natural movements. Therefore, we use soles made of natural rubber, which are both durable and naturally soft and flexible.

Growth allowance

It is important to measure both of the child's feet, as there can be differences in foot size. Then, the heel should be placed against a wall, and a book should be placed in front of the longest toe. Now measure the distance between the wall and the book.

In our size chart, you can easily find a suitable size with the recommended growth allowance.