AW17 collection

For Autumn/Winter 2017, bisgaard has merged the experience gathered over the past decade with forward-thinking solutions to apply to footwear that meets the demands of the daily lives of active children.

“Our primary objectives are always comfort and function," says brand designer Marianne Bisgaard. “We know a lot about how children move, how they play, and what kind of support their feet need. We pour all this knowledge into the design of each shoe, making sure comfort and security are things that parents never need to worry about."

Design and look, however, are part of a process that merges with other concerns. Marianne Bisgaard outlines the colour scheme, new design elements and styles of the collection. A vast collection, where colours inspired by the nature are dominate.

“I have the deepest respect for craftsmanship," Marianne says, “and I am constantly trying to push the boundaries of our work, creating new possibilities in the design. So, for this collection, I have been working closely with our manufacturers to create new effects in the leather: a fantasy surface with a rough print is one of the things I am very happy with, and as even more recent development, we have made a line with goatskin on the upper and sheepskin on the inside. This gives the shoes an exclusive natural look, and an enjoyable feeling inside around the feet."

Since bisgaard's collections are extensive, styles are plenteous. Classics styles such as the TEX winter boots, the Chelsea desert boot, and the sporty sneakers are still a part of the brand's collection for Autumn/Winter 2017, but new styles are being introduced as well.

Marianne says, “you will see more styles made with the raw rubber sole, as the demand of the Nordic bisgaard styles is growing. For the bigger girls, we have expanded the boot collection and added a more adult look, but still with a Nordic bisgaard touch."