Inherited shoes - good or bad?

The age old question

When looking for children's shoes, many parents are faced with the tempting option of using second-hand shoes. Usually, the natural order is that the younger child inherits shoes after the elder sibling. Although it is economically profitable, you need to consider whether it is a good solution for the child.

As with adults, children's feet vary from wide to slim, long to short. In most cases, children have a wide and flat foot, that in time, grows narrower as the foot structure develops. Children's feet are soft and vulnerable, so it is essential in the first years of life to help aid the proper development of muscles, ligaments and bones in the feet.

The child could inherit more than just shoes

New shoes adapt to the different, unique shape of feet. The interior of the shoe expands in areas where the foot is wider. This means that, although the right size, the shoe has molded to the shape of another's foot and might not fit the new child properly.

It is a high possibility that when you buy second-hand shoes, the child will not only inherit the shoes but also the habits of the past owner. The shoes have already been shaped and stretched through wear, so the child will unconsciously, naturally follow and adapt to the old shape of the shoe. Due to this, the child may stunt their walking development.

The shoe must fit the foot

The shoe must fit the foot, not the other way around. Issues with the feet, knees or back could develop later in life if you choose the wrong shoes for your child. New shoes will support the foots' natural development and not impair its proper functioning. Make sure the shoe fits in terms of length, width and arch of the foot. It is important, especially for toddlers, that the shoe has plenty of room for the toes and is tightly closed around the ankle and heel. We suggest 1 to 1.5 centimeters room for growth

Second-hand shoes can be used if the shoes have been grown out of, not been worn for very long and are in great condition. If there is still an opportunity to mold the shoes to your child's feet and poses no risk to their development, they can be a great idea.


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