Boots for women

Find the season's current selection of boots for women in natural and sustainable quality materials. Many women have one or more pairs of boots in their wardrobe, and we cannot ignore the fact that a pair of women's boots are extremely practical and indispensable for the cool months, where they keep the feet warm and dry.

At bisgaard we have a large selection of women's boots. Find exclusive ankle boots, long boots, boots with heels and classic Chelsea boots.

There are many styles to choose from, but all boots at bisgaard have in common that they are made of natural materials that last season after season. At the same time, they have a premium memory foam insole that shapes naturally to the foot and provides personal comfort throughout the day.


Women's boots for everyday and festive occasions

Pamper your feet with beautiful boots for everyday life and festive occasions, and feel inspired by either a classic or edgy look that emphasizes the individuality and personality of the woman who wears them.

Choose boots with a heel for an elegant and feminine look or choose boots with a chunky sole that adds edge to your looks. Regardless of what you like, you can certainly find the perfect pair of boots for everyday life and parties at bisgaard.


Handmade and sustainable boots for women

One of the best things about natural materials is the quality and softness of the leather, which ensures you the highest comfort and breathability throughout the day.

Women's boots from bisgaard are carefully handmade in Portugal by skilled and highly qualified craftsmen who take pride in refining every single detail. Boots from bisgaard are made from pure and natural materials that last season after season.


Care of women's boots

For the care of the boots, we recommend that you use a leather creme or lotion. It's easy to use and helps maintain the leather's flexibility and preserves an exclusive look.

You can also use a shoe creme or polish as well, by applying a little to a cotton cloth. When using a shoe cream, massage small amounts of the cream into the boots in a circular motion. This gives an even distribution of the product and a smoother result.


Buy boots for women at bisgaard

At bisgaard you can explore the large selection of boots for women that give you timeless elegance and luxurious comfort. We ship directly from our warehouse in Denmark. Depending on your location, delivery time is between 3 and 5 working days.