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Foot gauge for children

The bisgaard foot gauge for children is a device used to measure the size of a child's foot. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool that can be helpful before buying new shoes for your child. The gauge has a flat base with markings indicating different sizes. To use it, the child places their foot in between the gauge, and the measurement is taken at the heel and the longest toe. It's important to measure both feet as one may be slightly larger than the other. Hereafter you type the millimeters into our size guide and it will calculate the right size and take growth allowance into account.

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In-side shoe gauge for children

An in-shoe gauge for children is a device used to measure the fit of a child's shoe. It is designed to be placed inside the shoe and measures the length of the shoe's interior. The gauge has markings indicating different sizes and is made of a flexible material that conforms to the shape of the shoe.

Using an in-shoe gauge can help ensure that your child's shoes fit properly and provide the necessary support and comfort for their feet. By measuring the shoe's interior with an in-shoe gauge, you can determine if the shoe is the right size and if it provides enough room for your child's toes and arches.

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