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The Spire collection represents bisgaard values like no other. All the shoes in this collection have been hand crafted with natural leather that has been tanned in a process called 'vegetable-tanning'.

What makes vegetable tanning so special?

In short, vegetable tanning is a more sustainable alternative to any other tanning method. At bisgaard, sustainability is a core focus, and the methods of vegetable tanning wholly represent our values, "to achieve fantastic results through a sustainable process, to create long-lasting, high quality products". 

As the name suggests, only natural vegetable products are used to tan the leather. It is a longer, more extensive process that yields a unique result that can be spotted and felt right away. Vegetable tanned leather is especially soft and comfortable to wear. And as the tanning is chrome free, the leather can even be composted.

The shoes of the Spire collection

All shoes in the bisgaard Spire collection combine two aspects: typical, beautiful bisgaard design and natural, sustainable processes. All shoes in the collection are hand crafted in Portugal and use only the highest quality materials.

Discover high-quality leather shoes with timeless, modern design in our Spire collection, and find the perfect pair of shoes for your child.