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bisgaard children's shoes and boots for girls and boys

Children's shoes and boots for boys and girls are made with comfort and quality in mind. The many different types of shoes and boots are available in many unique, clearly thought-through and re-imagined classic designs for both girls and boys. This design ethos begins on the inside of our shoes and is carried through to the outside. The shoes are made from natural materials with a fit that makes them comfortable to wear and move in. bisgaard shoes are always made of natural materials. The quality of the genuine leather can be both seen and felt. The soles and rain boots are made from natural rubber that is flexible and elastic. Shoes and boots from bisgaard are made from 100% genuine calfskin leather.

Natural quality materials

Leather is naturally a good material for many things, including shoes. Leather is both hardwearing and durable. With proper treatment and care, a pair of shoes or boots in leather will last for several years and withstand all kinds of wind, weather and temperatures. In addition, leather is a flexible material, making it ideal for shoes and boots as it stretches and adapts to the foot's shape. This flexibility means our shoes and boots feel comfortable both to wear and move about in. Feet need a healthy environment and support with the ability to breathe and the ability to develop. Leather is an excellent material for our shoes and boots because it allows for both.

A perfect fit

bisgaard shoes and boots for girls and boys are made to be the best fit for children's feet with support and space for movement. This comfort is very important for good children's shoes. The shoes have different thicknesses of soles, different fastening methods and different lengths, and these features all help the shoe to fit perfectly on the foot. Even though we have many different styles of footwear, they are all made to give a fit providing the best support to the foot so that the shoe is always comfortable to wear. It is important that each shoe fits comfortably and securely on the foot so the foot does not slide around in the shoe more than necessary. Children's shoes from bisgaard can be worn for many hours of fun and play, without becoming uncomfortable for the foot.

Danish design

At bisgaard it is possible to buy everything from first walkers, slippers and ballet shoes, to boots, shoes and rain boots. All the shoes for both boys and girls are made from unique and reimagined designs with a focus on quality and comfort. As all children are unique, their shoes must be too. bisgaard children's shoes are designed with attention to detail. There is not a single sewing pattern or colour that is selected at random. All parts of the shoe have a function with regard to their fit, comfort and design. The fastening type, sole thickness and materials used are all examples of things that are important for the fit in the various types of children's shoes. Therefore they are important components of the whole design philosophy of the shoe, so that each shoe not only has great features but also practicality and a nice overall look.