About eco care

Eco care is the story of falling in love with nature's best materials, and highlighting its beauty, quality and durability in sustainable designs created with care for nature.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Bisgaard's ethos. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to ensure a more sustainable everyday life, where we can make a difference by producing responsibly and respectfully, taking good care of people, wildlife, and nature.

Nature's best materials

At Bisgaard, sustainable materials have been a natural choice from the very beginning. When we design and create new collections, using nature's best materials is very important to us. Materials such as leather, 100% wool, organic cotton and natural rubber have natural durability and long life and most often become even more beautiful over time.

Nature has an infinite amount to offer, it inspires us every day with colors, structures and fascinating patterns. A deeper thinking lies beneath the design choices made at Bisgaard, we pay homage to the love of nature's art - because our children's feet deserve the best.

Naturen har uendeligt meget at byde på, og inspirerer os hver dag med farver, strukturer og fascinerende mønstre. Bag alle designvalg hos bisgaard ligger der en dybere tanke, som hylder kærligheden til naturens egen kunst – fordi vores børns fødder fortjener det bedste.

Free from harmful chemicals

For us, it is crucial that our customers feel safe when buying Bisgaard. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our footwear does not contain harmful chemicals and does not have a detrimental effect on either the environment or human health.

Bisgaard's collections are free of harmful chemicals, cf. the EU's REACH regulation. We set strict requirements for our suppliers regarding content of harmful chemical substances. furthermore, we always explore and encourage improvement and development in this area.

Created with care for people and nature

We put heart, passion and consideration into everything we do - from design to production to distribution. We have long-lasting and close relationships with our suppliers, who all share the same passion for shoes as us. Together with our suppliers, we can ensure that our shoes are created with care for both people and nature.

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Less waste

Regardless of whether you design and produce based on a sustainable way of thinking, waste will always arise. Therefore, we need to use natural resources responsibly and reduce our amount of waste. It requires that we produce only the quantities we need, in a quality so high that the footwear can be used again and again.

From the beginning, Bisgaard has always applied the made-to-order principle to their production of shoes. Each shoe is manufactured according to a specific order, thus avoiding large inventories and overproduction. It is deep within Bisgaard's DNA to work responsibly at all levels, and we aim to utilize surplus materials we already have available. Therefore, all our leather material accrued is from residual production.

FSC certified packaging

Our shoe boxes, paper, flyers and hangtags are all FSC certified. This certification guarantees that animals and plant life are protected and that no wood is felled more than the forests can produce. Additionally, it ensures that the people who work in the forests are educated, have the right safety equipment and receive a proper salary.

Our packaging is easy to disassemble, making it possible to sort correctly for recycling. Meaning, the packaging can be part of the sustainable cycle, where it's recycled again and again.