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Shoe Care - Women's

To get your bisgaard shoes to last season after season, we recommend that you care for and maintain the footwear the right way. Below we have included information based on what type of footwear you have.

A sustainable choice - take care, buy less

Leather mule care

The leather used for our mules are soft, flexible and lighter than our other leathers. Because of this you need to take extra care. Wipe or spot the leather with lukewarm or cold water on a rinsed cloth to remove dirt or imperfections, and air dry naturally. When the shoes are dry, permeate the shoes with a leather sealant. Permeation has a water-repellent effect and protects the leather from rain and dirt. Waterproofing should be used regularly for optimal protection. Do not place your leather mules on a hot radiator or in a heating cabinet as this will dry out the leather and may cause it to crack.

We recommend using a good and nourishing leather lotion or leather grease at regular intervals, to keep the leather supple and maintain durability. It gives a color-enhancing effect and a beautiful shine. The product can be massaged into the boots in a circular motion, just like when you apply cream on the skin. This gives an even distribution of the product and a smoother result.

Leather boot care

Over time leather can lose its shine, but with the right care, you can make leather look and feel new again. It is important to take care of your winter boots to make them as weather resistant as possible.

The first step in the care process is to properly clean the leather. It is important that you use a cleaner designed for leather because water can cause further damage. We suggest that before purchasing any cleaning products for your leather goods, you read the instructions, so you are sure that it can be used for the material. After cleaning, the leather must dry before you continue. A dry surface ensures that the rest of the care process is effective. You should not let the winter boots dry in an incubator or too close to a hot radiator as it can dry out the leather and may lead to cracks. Additionally, do not let the boots dry directly in the sun as it may bleach and dry out the leather. We recommend normal room temperature, around 20 degrees, as a good condition to dry the boots.

For the care of the boots, we recommend that you use a leather creme or lotion. It's easy to use and helps maintain the leather's flexibility and preserves an exclusive look. You can also use a shoe creme or polish as well, by applying a little to a cotton cloth. When using a shoe cream, massage small amounts of the cream into the boots in a circular motion. This gives an even distribution of the product and a smoother result.

New shoes should always be permeated with a sealant before putting them to use. Permeation has a water-repellent effect and helps ward off dirt, protecting the exterior of the footwear. It is important to seal your leather and suede footwear regularly to maintain the protective coating. Always clean your footwear with a damp cloth prior to permeation to avoid the sealant not sticking. We recommend permeating leather and suede footwear with 3 thin coats instead of a single thick coat.

If your boots have faded, you can use a shoe color to bring some brightness and life back to them. Apply with a cotton cloth in small amounts to get the color even throughout the boot.

Suede / Nubuck shoe care

Suede shoes can slightly lose their color over time, but fortunately there's an easy fix for this. Just as with leather footwear, the important first step is to remove any dirt and grime from your suede shoes using a damp cloth. Next, you can apply either a neutral or colored liquid shoe polish. We also recommend the use of a suede brush to brush the little hairs on the suede back into an upright position again and to remove any stains or dents. With the right care routine, you can keep suede footwear looking great and significantly extend its life.

Patent leather shoe care

Due to its shiny nature, patent leather needs special care to uphold its signature look. Step 1: Wipe the surface of the shoe with a damp cloth and a bit of soap (never a brush or it could crack the glossy finish. Then, immediately buff with a dry soft cloth until you are happy with the shine. We suggest using a silicone free leather dye to hide any scuffs and wear on the soles.

Sandal care

Bisgaard's sandals are made from leather and suede, so please see 'leather' and 'suede' care above for more information

Velcro: One of the quickest and easiest ways to bring velcro back to life is with a toothbrush. Firstly, lay the hook and loop fasteners flat and then brush them with short, hard strokes to remove any debris. To clean further, wipe them down with boiling water to sterilise them