Unlike most brands, we provide specific measurements of an individual shoe instead of a general size guide encompassing all shoes in a range. We avoid the label of all types of shoes having the same size. For example - the measurements of a women's size 39 boot will vary compared to a women's size 39 sandal. All our shoes are of standard European sizing, but we do however include if a fit runs small, normal or wide.

The easiest way to find the right size with us

The easiest way to find the right size for your shoes with Bisgaard is with our Match and Fit system. All you need is a white sheet of A4 paper, a pair of dark socks and your mobile phone.

How it works:

- Put the white paper on the floor against a wall
- Put one foot with dark socks on the paper
- Use the Match and Fit function that you will find on every Bisgaard product page
- Wait until the function has measured the foot and repeat the process with the other foot.

It's that easy to measure your feet! And now you can get all shoes displayed in our webshop in the perfect size for you.


Leather stretches slightly and relaxes with wear, so don't be concerned if the shoes feel a little rigid at first.

Something to consider

If you have wide feet or a tall instep, we recommend paying attention to the closure before buying. The elastic in a Chelsea boot and the zip at the back of a shoe will make it easy to put on and take off. Sandals and slippers also provide more room for a comfortable fit.