Meet the designer - Marianne Bisgaard

Get a unique insight into the Nordic and minimalist inspired bisgaard collections with designer Marianne Bisgaard. Read below to learn about the bisgaard history and how each collection is bei

A special designer

Marianne is not like most designers. She doesn't follow trends when she designs children's shoes. She loves the whole process, from idea to the finished product ready for sales in the store. Her inspiration comes naturally and easily to her:

'The creativity and ideas come from a drawing, sometimes from a vintage kelim rug and sometimes out of the blue", Marianne says, 

"I don't have to formalize my creative process. I have a strong vision of how a collection should look and I am aware of what our retailers and customers are asking for".

Many years of experience

“My primary goals are always comfort and function," Marianne says.

Through many years of experience in retail, design and production of children's shoes, Marianne has a unique knowledge of how children move and how their feet change while growing. This knowledge is squeezed into each design and development of a bisgaard shoe.

The bisgaard story

The origin story of bisgaard began when Marianne opened her first children's store in Aarhus, Denmark. Named after the popular Danish children's song, 'Hønsefødder' or 'chicken feet', the store grew so popular she opened two more stores. During her time in the three Aarhus stores, Marianne learned a lot about children's shoes. She determined that fit and comfort were the most important aspect for a child's foot to move and grow in the right way. 

Marianne's interest in designing and producing her own children's shoes grew bigger and bigger. Her husband, Henrik Bisgaard, dreamed at the same time about having their third child. Marianne told Henrik that his dream could come true if he quit his job and became her business partner. Thereby both of their dreams could come true. In 2005 Marianne and Henrik started designing children's shoes based on the simple philosophy:

Good fit, natural quality materials and an innovative design.

Since then, bisgaard has experienced significant growth and today bisgaard shoes are sold in more than 20 countries worldwide - with the same philosophy and the same designer.


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