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From the very start, our ambition has been to create sustainable, aesthetic and comfortable shoes from the highest quality. Natural materials and sustainable production are essential parts of bisgaard’s DNA combined with a strong design profile.

Based on the Scandinavian design tradition, honest materials and a sustainable production, we want to take responsibility by focusing on a childhood without chemistry as well as making the most sustainable choices with a minimal impact on the environment. We put our heart, passion and careful consideration into everything we do – from design to production and distribution. We work exclusively with natural and breathable materials such as vegetable tanned leather, 100% pure wool, 100% pure cotton and natural rubber.

vegetable tanned leather

For tanning the leather, we primarily use the sustainable and eco-friendly method called vegetable tanning. The leather is tanned by powders extracted from bark, fruits, leaves and roots of plants, resulting in beautiful 100% biodegradable, 100% sustainable and 100% chrome-free leathers.

100% pure wool

We use exclusively 100% pure natural wool, which has many natural properties. It is a soft, breathable and natural material that is also self-cleaning. Natural wool contains lanolin produced by the sheep, which is a kind of water-repellent wax. In nature, this helps the sheep stay warm and dry. Natural wool is a temperature regulating and breathable material that keeps the feet warm in winter and leads away heat in the summer.

natural rubber

Natural rubber comes from rubber trees that grow in the tropics. It is a 100% waterproof and supple material. Our rubber boots and rubber soles are made with natural rubber, which is both flexible and soft. Our natural rubber is free from PVC and phthalate.


100% cotton

We use 100% pure cotton for home shoes and for lining. Cotton is a soft and fluffy plant consisting of plant fibers, which is a natural and breathable material.  

TEX membrane

Our TEX membrane is PTFE & PFC free. The basis of our membrane is Polyester. Our membrane contains absolutely zero PTFE. PTFE are suspected of causing harm to our health. Once released into the environment, PFC takes several hundred years to be broken down. 

Our membrane is green, in other words it is 100% recyclable like a PET bottle.


handcrafted in Portugal

Craftsmanship, years of tradition and natural materials are key words in the production of bisgaard shoes in Portugal. The country has a long-standing and rich tradition in the production of footwear.

At bisgaard, we have carefully selected factories with special expertise in producing children’s shoes.  Thanks to a close and long-term cooperation, we have established a stable, quality-conscious and sustainable production of bisgaard shoes in Portugal.

Our shoes are handcrafted according to traditional craftsmanship principles, ensuring that maximum attention is given to detail. Before a final pair of bisgaard shoes arrives in stores, around 50 pairs of hands have ensured that every little detail is properly executed. 

responsible production

With respect for nature, bisgaard is dedicated to ensure a responsible production and to optimize and reduce waste. We have a strong focus on reusing as much water in the production as possible. Excess material from the production of eg. lasts is collected and reused to make new lasts - as well as excess rubber from the production of rubber soles is collected for recycling. Nothing goes to waste.

The materials we use are carefully selected and never comes from animals whose sole purpose were to provide materials for shoes. The hides used for bisgaard shoes are always residual products where the animal has been used for other purposes, meaning that no animal has given its life only to be used in the production of shoes.

Thanks to a close and long-term cooperation, a smaller part of our collection is produced by quality-conscious and passionate factories in Asia with the same understanding and passion for shoes as us. All factories prove our ethical code as well as recognized industry standards (BSCI, SMETA) to ensure proper safety, health, ethics and environment for the employees.

All styles made in Portugal and Asia are produced within the EU Directive limits, and are free from chemicals, chrome, metals.

sustainable packaging

At bisgaard we strive to make the most sustainable choices with a minimal impact on our environment. All packaging including shoeboxes, papers, flyers and hangtags are FSC and PEFC certified, which guarantees that the wood used for our packaging comes from legal, sustainable and responsible forests.