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About the shoes

bisgaard shoes are produced in Portugal

Shoemaking is a skilled craft. And shoemaking involves the work of many different pairs of human hands. Making shoes of real leather, inside and out, is a proud craft. People, shoes, craftsmanship, natural materials – these are some of the key features of our footwear manufacture in Portugal.

Portugal is a country with proud traditions and a long history of shoemaking. Over the years the Portuguese have achieved a high standard of proficiency and over several generations they have created a large and multifarious industry with several hundred factories – some of them large, others small – in most regions of the country.

For years we have carefully selected factories in northern Portugal, which have solid experience of producing children's footwear. Our approach has been consistent and careful, and we have gathered a collection of factories, all of which specialise in specific types of children's footwear. In partnership with the factories, we have developed the foundation for stable, quality-conscious shoe manufacture with focus on natural materials.

It's all about shoes – it's all about people.

shoe care

Before wearing new shoes for the first time, they should always be waterproofed. Apply 1-3 even layers of a suitable waterproofing product. Never apply waterproofing to wet shoes. Give each layer adequate time to penetrate the leather. Never polish shoes when they are damp – even if they are damp due to a heavy application of waterproofing.

Ordinary wear and tear, caused by wearing and walking in your shoes and the effects of the weather, gradually reduces the efficiency of the waterproofing. Depending on how frequently and under which conditions the shoes are worn, a waterproofing product should be reapplied at regular intervals. Leather gradually loses its oil content and a wax-based polish or oil should be applied to keep the leather supple and strong. We recommend leather care products, which contain wax and oils, as well as appropriate dyes to refresh the leather colour.

NB: If you want to waterproof a shoe with a metallic finish (gold or silver, etc.), make sure that the waterproofing product you use is suitable for this type of finish. You should also retreat shoes every time the leather has been damp or wet, and in connection with polishing.

Patent leather shoes need special care products, which maintain shine and intensity of colour. You can just wipe patent leather shoes with a slightly damp cloth – Dampen the cloth with water only and wring well. There are also several patent leather care products on the market. If necessary, small cracks which inevitably occur during normal wear can be repaired using clear nail polish.